Micro Targeting

SMS Blast you can send a text message quickly and easily to any one of your distribution lists. Within seconds, your message will instantly arrive on the users Cell-Phones.

SMS Blast is great for follow-up marketing to people who have previously sent a text message to your keyword.

For Example:

Your restaurant is having a slow night. There aren't many reservations. Send an SMS Blast to your subscribers offering a 2-for-1 discount and watch them come in. Time the message to be sent just as people are starting to think about dinner to increase your response rate.

Have customers subscribe to your "Daily Specials" list. Each morning when you do the specials, quickly send out a text message to your customers.

Your Band is playing a gig in a specific city. Send an SMS Blast to people on your list in that area code to let them know when and where you are playing. Send it again on the day of the gig!

It rained all night and the kids have soccer. Parents don't know if the fields are playable or if the games are cancelled. The league can simply send out a text message to all members to quickly let them know the status.